The translation service entails conveying the idea or the message of a text written in a language (source text) in another equivalent text through another language (target text).

To translate a text, we must take into account aspects such as terminology, context, tone and style.


Sometimes, besides translating, it is necessary to adapt the translation of the source text to the needs of the target market. This is done through the localization service.
In order to do that, cultural, functional and technical aspects must be taken into account.


Machine translation has improved a great deal in recent years, but the quality of the texts it produces cannot be compared to the quality of human translation.
Through the post-editing service, we can proofread and modify or correct a text obtained with an automatic translation engine.
In this way, we can guarantee that the final version of the translation meets acceptable quality standards.


The proofreading service involves rereading a translation comparing it to the source text to make sure the translation is correct.
During the proofreading process, we can detect and correct possible repetitions, grammatical errors and misspellings, and also guarantees that the translation is faithful to the source text in terms of terminology and style.


Project management is necessary in every linguistic project in order to guarantee the proper development and the quality of the final product.
Project management involves analyzing the material for translation/proofreading, the deadlines for delivery and the cost, amongst other aspects.
Do you need a translation of a text in a different language from the ones I work with?
Thanks to my experience as project manager and my professional network, I can facilitate the management of your linguistic project.


Translations from a foreign language into Spanish and vice-versa, if carried out by a sworn translator and interpreter, are legally official documents.
I have been a Sworn translator and interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (no. 5497) since 2006.


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